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We are very proud to announce a new initiative at The Perth Bowen Clinic. Previously, all Baby Bowen was free of charge as a labour of love. Now we are extending that love. We are asking that a small donation be given into the collection tin at reception and it will be donated to Sids and Kids WA, an amazing organisation.

This is our way of sharing our love for the little ones

The Bowen Technique (Bowtech) is a gentle, deeply relaxing yet dynamic form of bodywork in which very subtle ‘moves’ over muscle and connective tissue stimulates the body into a healing response. These powerful soft tissue mobilizations affect the body on many levels, structurally, chemically, emotionally and energetically via the nervous system. Bowtech restores balance and vitality, often with remarkable results. Baby Bowen is a series of seven gentle yet highly effective moves made on your baby’s back and front. It is Bowen Technique for babies. The moves are extremely gentle, made with just a thumb and a finger across muscles and tendons on specific points either side of the baby’s spine and tummy.

These are done in a soft, slow rolling action. It is so gentle that it is sometimes hard to believe anything is happening. It is NOT massage or manipulation and is ideal for infants and safe to use from the very moment of birth.

Baby Bowen ‘moves’ evoke a response when the baby’s body is stimulated.

This stimulation is not painful or invasive; no defence mechanism is triggered while performing the moves.

After the moves, messages are sent throughout the body via the nervous system, causing an increase of blood flow to different areas and a general resetting to take place, correcting any imbalances. This can be likened to rebooting your computer.

There are many reasons why a newborn or toddler may require Baby Bowen, including:

  • Birth trauma
  • Neck restriction
  • Colic, reflux
  • Problems feeding
  • Respiratory problems
  • Nervous or anxious babies
  • Constipation, bloating, wind
  • Difficult to settle, restless, sleepless
  • Slow to crawl or walk
  • Balance and wellbeing

Childbirth puts tremendous pressure on the musculo-skeletal systems of both mum and baby due to compressional forces during birth. No matter the type of delivery, be it natural, forceps, vacuum extraction or even caesarean, all can cause physical trauma.

Baby Bowen can effectively and gently relieve physical discomfort, calm the nervous system which can be shifted out of balance due to the stresses of birth and relax muscles, allowing baby’s body to realign naturally.

Colic is usually the first challenge for parents and baby, normally presenting itself within the first few weeks post birth and in some cases persisting up until the age of six months. As babies grow and their digestive system matures, their colic usually disappears. Baby Bowen can help shorten the amount of time it takes to settle.

Some of the symptoms of colic include:

  • Prolonged crying with no relief
  • Red face, fists clenched, knees flexed
  • Irritable, angry, anxious
  • Tummy bloated and hard
  • Much wind and gas
  • Sleeplessness
  • Symptoms appear at the same time daily
  • Symptoms can disappear as quickly as they come and More crying…

These symptoms are usually accompanied by sharp and severe abdominal pain as the smooth stomach and intestinal muscles spasm.

Baby Bowen releases tension within the body and is also very effective at releasing the diaphragm. This is important in the treatment of colic as the diaphragm is often very tense. Wonderful results have been seen in babies and children who have had Baby Bowen. It helps them in their post birth recovery, and helps to realign their jaw, neck and head which can affect breast feeding, attachment, suckling and weight gain. These structural problems can also contribute to fussing, colicky babies.

Unsettled babies tend to have an overactive fright/flight response which keeps them tense, anxious, easily startled and difficult to settle. This can be caused by very rapid deliveries.

By helping their little nervous systems to rebalance, not only do they feel more comfortable, but they can be seen to calm down immediately. This helps them to sleep deeper and longer – good for everybody in the house!

Effects commonly seen in infants during treatment include:

  • Calm, peaceful
  • Drowsy, falling asleep
  • Passing wind and filling nappies effortlessly
  • Laughing
  • Most importantly – crying stops…

Babies are very sensitive and respond quickly to minimal moves and pressure. Baby Bowen has no side effects or contra-indications.

Due to its gently nature, the sooner the Baby Bowen is given the better. Ideally it is done as soon as possible post birth and significant improvement can be seen in almost all babies, some responding after just one session and others needing five or six. All babies are different and the amount of treatments required depends upon the complexity of their problems.

Baby Bowen sessions take approximately fifteen minutes and the results can be immediate.

Bowen is a gently technique which is suitable for all ages and stages of life. It can be carried out safely through pregnancy and helps to relieve those nagging symptoms … the low back pain, achy legs, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, relaxing mum as well as preparing her body for childbirth.

But that’s another story…

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