What our Clients Say

I have been treated with Bowen Therapy for the last twelve years and have found the unique massage and care to give instant relief to my whole body aches and pains. It gives me greater flexibility to move more easily. It has also helped to relieve the pain and reduce the number of times I suffer with headaches. I believe Bowen is the BEST!
– Maria Barbarich

After so many visits to specialist to fix my back there hasn’t been any improvement, so I’m looking for other help. I went to see physiotherapy which also not help. From therapist I heard for Bowen Therapy, so I was visit this Centre. I could say I come to ask for help as a disabled with my neck problem and after 1 month, 4 sessions I was 100% recovered and I visit once a month this Centre. Very happy with results. I suggest to people with similar problem to visit this Centre.
– Dobrivoj Jovanovic

I was looking for a gentle form of therapy for my senior dog who struggled with acupuncture and trigger point therapy. Although these treatments worked, Hollie experienced a lot of pain and stress. From the very first Bowen session Hollie began improving and developed trust in the therapist. After two treatments our regular vet checked Hollie and said she didn’t need the acupuncture she was due to have. She has not needed the needles again and is experiencing very few episodes of pain now with regular Bowen Therapy.
– Margaret Woods

Receiving Bowen has changed my life.  For years I lived with pain; back, neck and shoulder problems.  I tried many methods to try and gain relief including physio, chiropractic treatment, massage and acupuncture but none of them gave me lasting results. After several initial Bowen Therapy treatments my body has “reset” and the pain and lingering injuries which I have carried for years have disappeared. Now with the occasional ‘tune up’ to keep my body working like it should I can live an active comfortable life. I am forever grateful for the gift that Bowen has given me and have recommended it to many of my friends and family who have experienced the same results and can now live without daily pain.
– Rob Irwin

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